以前英語で書いた『Cores of strategic management』(先に日本語で書いた『戦略の原点』がベース)についてモーリシャスの先生からこんなメール来ました(原文そのままー名前は一部省略)。

Professor Shimizu,

My name is Rxxxx Joomun and I am lecturer in Business Strategy at undergraduate level at the University of Mauritius 
I have transitioned to teaching after spending around 30 years in the telecom industry as an Operations Manager.
I just purchased the book from Routledge. It’s so different from other books / textbooks as it takes mainly very “realistic” approach as opposed to just a theoretical one.
My only query was whether you have written an updated second edition of this book. Or which books (most of the books we get access are from Western authors) will you suggest as a good book for someone like me who is rather new to teaching strategy to final year undergraduate students who do not have previous working experience.
I look forward to reading your book & using the ideas for teaching.
Many thanks,
Rxxxx Joomun
From Mauritius