Katsuhiko Shimizu among top 1.6% most influential authors in Strategy textbooks

こんなタイトルのメールが届きました。実際見てみると、99位にランクされています(トップは私のPh.D.アドバイザーのMichael Hitt教授でした)。研究者のインパクトは、マラソンと同じで、トップから何人かはダントツで、よくわかりますが、少し離れると団子状態です。ただ、悪い気はしないので、「99位の皆さん」のデータを張り付けておきます。なお、下はメールの本文です。

Most cited authors in strategic management textbooks

Dear Katsuhiko,

Our article examining the most influential authors in organizational behavior (OB), human resource management (HRM), Strategy, and General Management as cited in textbooks is now in press in Academy of Management Learning and Education. I wanted to share the great news that that you are among the top 100 most influential (i.e., top 1.6%) strategy authors out of a total of 6,326 authors (please note that the article includes a shorter version of the table listing the most influential authors, but a table with the top-100 authors is in the supplement). Congratulations and thank you for your important contributions to the field!!

We certainly hope you will find our article interesting and look forward to receiving any feedback or comments you may have.

All the best,


Herman Aguinis, Ph.D. Incoming Vice President-Elect, Academy of Management

Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management

George Washington University School of Business  2201 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20052